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Antechamber West Wall Gable Translation

Utterances 247 - 253 (north to south)

Utterance 247

257: To say the words:
"Your son Horus has done (this) for you.
The Great Ones tremble when they have seen the knife which is in your hand, when you come out of the Duat (dusk).

258: Hail to you, wise one!
Geb has created you, the Ennead has given you birth.
Horus is satisfied with his father,
Atum is satisfied with his years.
The gods of the East and West are satisfied with this great (event) which took place in the arms of the One-who-gives-birth-to-the-god (Nut).

259: Unas there! O Unas, see (mA)!
Unas there! O Unas, look (ptr)!
Unas there! O Unas, hear!
Unas there! O Unas, be there!
Unas there! O Unas, arise on your side!
Do as I order, (you) who hate sleep, you who are tired!
Get up, you who are in Nedit!
Your fine bread is made in Buto.
Receive your power (sxm) in Heliopolis!

261: It is Horus to whom order was given to do (this) for his father.
To the lord of the storm, wrath is forbidden when he carries you.
It is he who will carry Atum"

Utterance 248

262: To say the words:
"Unas is a great one.
Unas came out between the thighs of the Divine Ennead.
Unas was conceived by Sekhmet;
It is Shesemtet [loincloth ornament] who gave birth to Unas
(as) to a star with sharp (spd) front (hA.t), with wide stride, which brings provender for the road of Re every day.
Unas has come to his throne which is over (tp.t) the Two Goddessess (who protect Upper and Lower Egypt), and Unas appears (xaj) as a star."

Utterance 249

264: To say the words:
"O you Two-Contending-Ones,
say then to the Noble One (Spsj) in this his name:
Unas is from that zSzS-plant which came out of earth.
His hand is cleaned by the one who prepared his seat.

265: Unas is this (flower) at the nose of the Great Mighty One.
Unas has come out of the Isle of Fire, after he has placed Truth there in the place of Falsehood.
Unas is the guardian of washing, who watches over the Uraei on that night of the Great Flood which comes out of the Great One (sky).

266: Unas appears as Nefertum, the lotus at the nose of Re, as he comes out of the Horizon (Ax.t) every day, and at the sight of which the gods purify themselves."

Utterance 250

267: To say the words:
"Unas is he who is over his kas,
who unites hearts from the One-over-wisdom,
the great one who is in possession of the Divine Book,
the wisdom at the right of Re.

268: (O you) liberated one from the hand of Unas!
Indeed, Unas says what is in the heart of She-the-Great-One (Nut) on the Festival of Red Cloth (jns).
It is Unas, it is Unas, the Wisdom at the right of Re,
deep of heart (?), he who is the ruler of the Cavern of Nwn."

Utterance 251

269: To say the words:
"O you who are set over the hours,
you who go in front of Re,
prepare a way for Unas that Unas may pass through the guard (of demons) with terrible-faces!

270: Unas is on the way to his throne which is in front of (other) seats behind the god to whom a head has been given back (Osiris), adorned with the sharp and strong horn of an antelope, (he is liike one) who carries a sharp knife which cuts the throat.
(The horn is) the expeller of pain before the Bull, the one who chastizes those who are in darkness, (it is) the strong horn of the antelope behind the Geat God.

271: Unas has overpowered those who were to be punished,
Unas has smashed their fronts.
The arm of Unas will not be opposed in the horizon (Ax.t)."

Utterance 252

272: To say the words:
"Lift up your face, you Gods who are in the Duat!
Unas has come, that you might see him having become a great god.
Lead (jbs = introduce, initiate) Unas with trembling attire,
Unas who has honored you all when he gave orders to men!
Unas (now) judges those who live in the land (jdb, shore) of Re.
Unas speaks to this Pure Land after having taken a seat there,
together with Him-who-separated-the-two-Gods (nTr.wj) (= Thoth).

274: Unas is powerful in relation to him.
Unas lifts his Ams-scepter when he intends to refuse admittance to Unas.
Unas sits together with the rowers of the Bark of Re.
Unas orders the good and he executes it.
Unas is the Great God."

Utterance 253

275: To say the words:
"He is purified who has purified himself in the Fields of Rushes.
Re has purified himself in the Fields of Rushes.
He is purified, who has purified himself in the Fields of Rushes.
This Unas has purified himself in the Fields of Rushes.
The hand of Unas is in the hand of Re.
Nut, take his hand!
Shu, lift him up! Shu, lift him up!"