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Pyramid Texts Online was created by Vincent Brown as a non-linear way of navigating the texts inscribed on the walls of the pyramid of Unas.

The translation of the pyramid texts of Unas is by J.D. Degreef, based on translations by Alexandre Piankoff and Louis Speleer.

Thanks to J.D. Degreef for also providing scans of the black & white photographic plates from which the hieroglyphic representations of the walls were recreated. These photographs were taken by L.F. Husson under the direction of Natacha Rambova for The Pyramid of Unas - by Alexandre Piankoff.

Thanks to Edward Bleiberg, Shelley Bernstein and Kathy Zurek-Doule from the Brooklyn Museum for their help locating the black & white negatives that appear on the Photographs page.; and to L.F. Husson & his son Steve Husson from Lancaster Ultra-Graphics and Dr. Richard C. Steiner for scanning these negatives.

Thanks to Jon Bodsworth for managing against all odds to get inside the pyramid in 2007 to take photos of the sarcophagus chamber on my request. Some of these appear on the Photographs page.

And thanks also to John Hernandez for kindly providing some of the colour photos on the Photographs page.

The Pyramid Texts Online website was built and is hosted by Vintuitive.


Traduction, index et vocabulaire des Textes des Pyramides Egyptiennes, Bruxelles, 1934 - Louis Speleer.
The Pyramid of Unas - Bollingen Series XL-5, Princeton University Press, 1968 - Alexandre Piankoff.
The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts - Oxford, 1969 - Raymond O Faulkner.
Egyptian Grammar - Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1957 - Sir Alan Gardiner.

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