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East Wall Gable Translation

Utterances 273 - 276 (south to north)

Utterances 273-274

393: To say the words:
"The sky is clouded, the stars are darkened.
The Bows move, the bones of Aker tremble (earthquake), (then all) movements cease

394: after they have seen Unas appearing and powerful as a god who lives on his fathers, who feeds on his mothers!
Unas is a lord of craft, whose name (even) his mother does not know.

395: Unas' venerability (Spsw) is in the sky,
his strength (wsr) is in the Akhet-horizon,
like his father Atum who begat him.
He has begotten him more powerful (wsr) than himself.

396: The Kas of Unas are behind him, his maidservants are under his feet,
his (protector) gods are over him, his uraei are on his brow (wp.t),
the guide-serpent of Unas is on his brow (Ha.t),
she who perceives (ptr) the soul (of the enemy), she whose fire is effective.
The power (wsr.w) of Unas is for his protection.

397: Unas is the Bull of Heaven, who (once) suffered want,
and who has decided to live on the essence of every god,
who eats their entrails when they come from the Isle of Fire with their bellies full of magical charms (HkA.w).

398: Unas is a well provided one, who has absorbed his spirits (Ax.w).
Unas has appeared as this Great One, lord of those who are at hand.
He sits with his back turned to Geb.

399: Unas it is who judges with He-whose-Name-is-Hidden, on the day when the elder (smsw) is being sacrificed.
Unas is the lord of offerings, who knots the cord, who prepares himself a meal.

400: Unas is he who eats men (rm.tjw), who lives on gods, lord of messengers who gives instructions.

401: Indeed, He-who-seizes-by-the-Hair, residing in Kehau (kHA.w) is he who lassoes (spH) them for Unas.
Indeed, the snake Lifted-Head (Dsr-tp=f) is he who keeps guard over them for him,
who keeps them back for him.
Indeed, He-over-the-red is he who binds (the Kas) them for him.

402: Indeed, Khonsu (the Moon), who slaughters the lords, cuts their throats for Unas, and takes out for him what is in their bellies.
He is the messenger whom he sends out to chastise.

403: Indeed, Shesmu (Wine-press god) cuts them up for Unas and cooks for him a meal out of them in his evening cook pots.
Unas is he who eats their magic, who swallows their spirits (Ax.w) .

404: Their great ones are for his morning meal,
their middle-sized ones for his evening meal,
their little ones for his night meal,
their old men and the old women are for his fuel.

405: Indeed, the Great Ones in teh Northern Sky are they who light fire for him (under) the kettles which contain them with the legs of their eldest.

406: Those who are in heaven serve Unas when his hearth is constructed with the legs of ther (old) women.
e has completely encircled the Two Heavens, he has revolved around the Two Lands.
407: Unas is the Great Power (sxm wr), the Power over the Powers.
Unas is the Axm-hawk, the Hawk of Hawks, the Great One.
He whom he finds on his way, he eats him bit by bit.
Respect before Unas is (more) than before other nobles (saH.w) who are in the Akhet-horizon.

408: Unas is a god older than the eldest. Thousands serve him. Hundreds make offerings for him.
A certificate is given him as a great power (sxm wr) by Orion (saH), the father of the gods.
409: Unas has appeared again in heaven.
He is crowned with the Upper Egyptian Crown as Lord of the Horizon.
He has reckoned up the dorsal vertebrae, he has seized the hearts of the gods,

410: he has eaten the Red One, he has swallowed the Green One.
Unas feeds on the lungs of the wise.
His pleasure is to live on hearts, as well as on thier magic (HkA.w).

411: Unas is disgusted when his tongue touches the emetic (parts) which are in the Red One.
He is pleased when their magic is in his belly.
The dignity (saHw) of Unas shall not be taken from him (for) he has swallowed the wisdom (sjA) of every god.

412: Unas' span of life is Eternity, his limit is Everlastingness in this his dignity of If-he-wishes-he-does, if-he-wishes-not-he-does-not.
He is in the region of the Akhet eternally and forever.

413: Lo, their soul (bA) is in the belly of Unas, their spirits (Ax.w) are with Unas as the broth of the gods, cooked for Unas from their bones.
Lo, their soul (bA) is with Unas, their Shadows (taken away) from those to whom they belong.

414: Unas is that which appears, which appears, which remains. The doers (of evil) shall not be able to destroy the favorite seat of Unas amongst the living in this land, eternally to eternity.

Utterance 275

415: To say the words:
"Unas has come to you, hawks, although your houses are closed for Unas.
His loincloth is on his back, made of the hide of the jan-baboon.

416: Unas opens the gate with the double doors (xns-Gate).
Unas reaches the limit of the Akhet after Unas has put down there to the ground his robe with the tail.
Unas will become a Great One who resides in Crocodilopolis (Sobek)."

Utterance 276

417 : To say the words:
"Your deed be against you, what you will do will be against you, (O) zkzk-serpent, he who is in his hole(?), (O) adversary!"