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Pyramid Texts of Unas: Hieroglyphs and Inscriptions

On this page, you can view all of the walls of the pyramid of Unas (also spelled as Unis or Wenis) that are inscribed with hieroglyphs. Clicking on any wall image will link you to a larger view of the walls to view the hieroglyphic texts in detail.

The Pyramid Texts of Unas are significant because they are the first known instance of hieroglyphic inscriptions in a pharaoh's tomb and are the earliest and most complete form of the Pyramid Texts. These inscriptions are found on the walls of the corridor, antechamber, passage, and sarcophagus chamber of the pyramid.

Unas pyramid Corridor west wall Unas pyramid Corridor east wall Click on a wall

Antechamber north wall Antechamber south wall Antechamber east wall Antechamber west wall Antechamber west gable Antechamber east gable Click on a wall

Passage north wall hieroglyphs Passage south wall hieroglyphs Click on a wall

Walls of the Unas sarcophagus chamber