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Antechamber West Wall Hieroglyphs

Utterances 254 - 260 (north to south)

Utterance 254

276: To say the words:
"The Great (Uraeus) fumigates the Bull of Nekhen (Hierakonpolis).
The heat of the fiery breath is against you,
you who are about the shrine (kAr)!
O Great God whose name is unknown, (bring) at once a meal of the Unique Lord.
O lord of the Horizon (Ax.t), make place for Unas.
If you fail to make place for Unas, Unas will pronounce a curse against his father Geb:
the earth shall not speak any more;
Geb shall not be able to defend himself.
(He) whom Unas finds on his way, he will eat him piecemeal.
The hnt-pelican announces (sr), the ennead(psD.t)-pelican comes out.
The Great One rises. The enneads speak: completely dammed-off shall be the land.

279: The two ridges of the mountain (on both sides of the Nile valley) shall be united.
The two banks of the river will be joined.
The roads will be hidden from the passers-by.
The steps (rwd.w) will be annihilated for those who go up.
Make tight the rope (of the boat), sail the road of heaven!
Strike the ball on the meadow of Hapi (Apis)!

280: Ha! Your fields are in fright, o jAd-star,
before the pillar of stars,
when they have seen the pillar of Kenset (a country), the Bull of Heaven.
How the herdsman of the bulls is overwhelmed with awe before him!

281: Ha! fear, tremble, you evil doers, before the storm of heaven!
He has opened the earth with that which he knew on the day when he intended to come,

282: so he said, the Rich-one-in-plow-land, he who-lives-in-the-Duat.
"She comes to meet you, the beautiful West-goddess, to meet you with her beautiful locks!"
She says: "He comes whom I have borne,

283: whose horn shines, the (well) anointed pillar, the Bull of Heaven.
Your form is exalted. Pass by in peace!"

284: "I have preserved you", so says the Beautiful West (Goddess), to Unas.
"Go, navigate towards the Field of Offerings, that you may bring the Hp.t to Him-on-his-qA.t-bush",

285: so says He-at-the-head-of-his-dwellingsS (mnj.t=f). "You fall to pieces to the ground to your thickness, up to your middle, up to your stretching out.
(Still) you see the sun in his bonds and you praise the sun at his coming out of his bonds with Great-protection, He-in-his-red-fabric (shroud).

286: The Lord of peace (Htp.w = offerings?) gives you your arm.
O you she-monkeys who cut off the heads, let Unas pass by you in peace.
He has attached his head to his neck while his neck is (well) established on his rump in this his name of He-with-attached-head, when he (also) attached the head of the Apis bull in it, on the day of lassoing of the ng-bull.

287: Those whom Unas allowed to get fed from their drink, they draw from their overflow.
O may Unas be honored there by those who see him.

288: The Praise-Serpent is on its Da(m)-scepter, the Tefnut of Unas, she who supports Shu, she makes his seat wide in Busiris (Ddw), in Mendes (Dd.t), in the necropolis of Heliopolis.
She erects his two supports ( in front of the Great One.

289: She excavates a pool for Unas in the Fields of Rushes, she establishes his field in the Fields of Offerings.
Unas judges in the Great-Flood (cow) who is between the Two Contending Ones,

290: for his strength is the strength of the Eye of Tebi (the sun god), his vistorious strength is the vistorious strength of the eye of Tebi.
Unas has freed himself from those who did this against him, who ravished his meal

291: when it was there, who ravished his evening meal when it was there,
who ravished the breath from his nose and brought to an end the period of his life.
Unas is victoriously stronger than they, appearing (again) on his riverbank (wDb).

292: The hearts (of his enemies) fall into his fingers,
their intestines are for the inhabitants of the sky,
their red (blood) for those of the earth,
their inheritance is to be poor,
their homes set afire,
their land property is to the high Nile (Hp wr).

293: the heart of Unas be glad (sweet), the heart of Unas be glad (sweet).
Unas is the Unique One, the Bull of Heaven.
He has exterminated those who did this against him,
he has annihilated their offspring upon earth.

294: What is before his throne,
what he will seize, what he will exalt [is what his father] Shu gave him in the presence of Seth."

Utterance 255

295: To say the words:
"The horizon (Ax.t) fumigates before Horus of Hierakonpolis.
- A meal for the Lords -
The horizon fumigates before Horus of Hierakonpolis.
The heat of its fiery breath is against you who surround the shrine (kAr) (of the Sun God).
Its poisonous heat is against you who wear the Great One.

296: The horizon fumigates before Horus of Hierakonpolis.
A meal for the lords.
O, Ugly One, whose essence is ugly, whose form is ugly.

297: go away from your seat, lay down on the ground your dignity for Unas.
If you do not go from your seat and lay down on the ground your dignity for this Unas,
Unas will come with a face like this Great One,
the Lord of the lion helmet (the god of the striking power),
who became powerful through the injury of his eye.

298: Then he will [cause the fire of his eEye] to encompass you,
so that it sends a storm against those who did (evil), so that it (poison) gushes forth among the Primeval Ones.

299: He will then strike off [the arms of Shu under Nut].
Unas will then lay his arm on this (last) protection on which you lean.

300: The Great One rises then in his shrine (kAr).
[He lays down his dignity on the floor for] Unas after he (Unas) has seized Hw and taken possession of sjA."

Utterance 256

301: To say the words:
"Unas has inherited Geb,
Unas has inherited Geb!
He has inherited Atum,
him on the throne of Horus the Eldest (smsw).
His (Horus') Eye is in his strength,
is protection is what has been done against him.

302: The heat of the fire of the uraeus (Ax.t) is like Renenutet, which is on him.
Unas has put his fear into their hearts by making a massacre amongst them.

303: The gods have seen (it), while (they) took their clothes off.
They bow before Unas while praising:
"Row him, O his mother, tow him, O (his) native place (dmj).
Horus, loose the rope!"

Utterance 257

304: To say the words:
"Excitement in heaven! "We see something new!" say the gods of Primeval Times.
O Ennead, a (new) Horus is in the sunlight,
the lords of forms serve him, the Two whole Enneads turn for him,

305: as he sits on the seat of the Lord of All (nb tm).
Unas takes heaven, he splits its brass, Unas is led on the ways of the Becoming One (xpr).

306: Unas goes to peace, being alive in the West,
and the inhabitants of the Duat serve (Sms) him.
Unas shines again (psD) in the East,
the One-who-separates-the-Quarrelers (Thoth) comes to him, bowing.
"Serve Unas, you gods, he is older than the Great One", says he.
"He took his seat!".

307: Unas takes Hw, Eternity (nHH) is brought to him, sjA is placed at his feet.
Jubilate for Unas, he has taken the Horizon!"

Utterance 258

308: To say the words:
"Osiris is Unas in a dust storm.
His horror is the earth,
Unas does not enter into Geb that he might be annihilated,
that he might sleep in his house (Hw.t) upon earth,
that his bones might be broken!
His injuries are effaced.
He has purified himself with the Eye of Horus.
His injuries are effaced by the two Female Kites of Osiris.
Unas has freed himself from the discharge (of his wounds) in Kus into earth.

309: His sister, the lady of Pe, is the one who bewailed him.
Unas goes to heaven!
Unas goes to heaven with the wind, with the wind!
He will not be hindered, there is no one who might hinder him.
There will be no session on his behalf in the assembly (DADA.t) of the god.
Unas is on his own, the eldest (smsw) of the gods.

310: His cake comes up together with (the one for) Re.
His great offering meal comes out of Nwn. Unas is one who returns.
He comes and goes together with Re.
His houses (Hw.wt) are being visited by him.

311: Unas distributes the kA.w, he ravishes the kA.w, he punishes and effaces injuries.
Unas spends the day, he spends the night while he pacifies the Two Hoes in Hermopolis (wnw).
His foot is not hindered, his heart is not opposed."

Utterance 260

316: To say the words:
"O Geb, Bull of Nut, Horus is Unas, the heir of his father.
Unas is he who went and came back, the fourth of these four gods who have brought the water, who have made a purification, ...