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The Study

Come in and brush up on your ancient Egyptian vocab.

VOCAB: with tweet at a time.

Every day Bennu used to tweet a single word in ancient Egyptian via the micro-blogging platform Twitter in the following format:

VOCAB: (MdC): Apd, (English): Bird, (Hieroglyphs):

These daily vocab 'flash-tweets' were then bundled together at the end of each week and posted on this page as a weekly revision. Though VOCAB: with Bennu is no longer active the resources are left here for others who might be using Kamrin to learn.

The VOCAB: with Bennu materials are best used in conjunction with Janice Kamrin's "Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs - A Practical Guide", available in the Pyramid Texts Online Book Shop. Joining an online group such as GlyphStudy or AEL can also be very beneficial enabling you to learn as part of a group.

VOCAB: (MdC): Apd, (English): Bird, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): iqr, (English): Excellent, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): bin, (English): Evil, Bad, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): pn, (English): this (masculine), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): tn, (English): this (feminine), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): hy, (English): husband, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xfty, (English): enemy, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Video 1

VOCAB: (MdC): Hqr, (English): hungry, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xt (English): thing, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): st, (English): seat, throne, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): hA, (English): naked, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): z, (English): man, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): zt, (English): woman, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Video 2

WEEK 3 - Suffix Prounouns
VOCAB: (MdC): i, (English): I, my, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): k, (English): you, your (m.), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): T or t, (English): you, your (f.), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): f, (English): he, his, it, its, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): s, (English): she, hers, it, its, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): n, (English): we, ours, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Tn or tn, (English): you, your (plural), (Hieroglyphs)::
VOCAB: (MdC): sn, (English): they, theirs, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 3 | Video 3

VOCAB: (MdC): wiA, (English): sacred bark, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): r, (English): mouth, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): smsw, (English): elder, eldest, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hnqt, (English): beer, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): it, (English): father, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): a, (English): arm, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 4 | Video 4 | Slides 4

VOCAB: (MdC): xpS, (English): foreleg of ox, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Xt, (English): body, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): snb, (English): health, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): S , (English): pool, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): t, (English): bread, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): inpw, (English): Anubis (a god), (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 5 | Video 5 | Slides 5

VOCAB: (MdC): pt, (English): sky, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): ptH, (English): Ptah (a god), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): m, (English): in, from, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): ra, (English): Re (the sun god), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): rn, (English): name, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wt, (English): place of embalming, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 6 | Video 6 | Slides 6

VOCAB: (MdC): zkr, (English): Sokar (a god), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xr, (English): before, in front of, with, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): ip, (English): count; inspect, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wbn, (English): rise, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): rx, (English): know, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Dd, (English): speak, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 7 | Video 7

VOCAB: (MdC): AbDw, (English): Abdju (Abydos), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): ib, (English): heart, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): aA, (English): great, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): aA, (English): donkey, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): pr, (English): house, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nb, (English): lord, master, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 8 | Video 8
VOCAB: (MdC): nbt, (English): lady; mistress, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): zA, (English): son , (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): zAt, (English): daughter, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xa, (English): appearance, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): tA, (English): earth, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Ddw, (English): Djedu (Busiris), (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 9 | Video 9 | Slides 9

VOCAB: (MdC): imAxi , (English): revere; honour, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): iri , (English): make; do, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mri, (English): love, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): msi, (English): bear; give birth, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hzi, (English): praise, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hmt, (English): woman; wife, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 10 / Chart 10 (colour) | Video 10 | Slides 10

VOCAB: (MdC): sn, (English): brother; companion, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Aw, (English): be long, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hm, (English): servant; Majesty (for king), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hr, (English): upon, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): kA, (English): bull, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mi, (English): like (similar to) , (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 11 / Chart 11 (colour) | Video 11 | Slides 11

VOCAB: (MdC): mw, (English): water, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nxt, (English): strong; mighty, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): HD, (English): white; silver, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): tp, (English): head; upon, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): dpt, (English): boat, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Dw, (English): mountain, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 12 / Chart 12 (colour) | Video 12 | Slides 12

VOCAB: (MdC): Dt, (English): forever, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): anx, (English): life, live, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wAs, (English): dominion, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wAst, (English): Waset (Thebes), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wAt, (English): path, road, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wa, (English): one, sole, unique, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 13 | Video 13 | Slides 13

VOCAB: (MdC): wpi, (English): open, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wHm, (English): repeat, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): bity, (English): King of Lower Egypt, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mAa, (English): true, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mAat, (English): truth, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mwt, (English): mother, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 14

VOCAB: (MdC): nb, (English): every; all, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nbty, (English): Two Ladies, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nbw, (English): gold, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nfr, (English): beautiful; good, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nswt, (English): king; King of Upper Egypt, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nTr, (English): god, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 15

VOCAB: (MdC): Hwt, (English): mansion, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hr, (English): Horus, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hqr, (English): ruler, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Htp, (English): offering, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xAst, (English): foreign land, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xrw, (English): voice, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): stp, (English): choose, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 16

VOCAB: (MdC): rdi, di, (English): give; cause, (Hieroglyphs): ,
VOCAB: (MdC): Dd, (English): stability, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wr, (English): great one, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wsir, (English): Osiris, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): iwnw, (English): Iunu (Heliopolis), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nHH, (English): eternity, (Hieroglyphs): or
VOCAB: (MdC): r, (English): to; for, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 17

VOCAB: (MdC): iAbty, (English): eastern, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): iAbtt, (English): East, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): imnty, (English): western, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): imntt, (English): West, western, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): imntiyw, (English): Westerners, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mHt, (English): north, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mHty, (English): northern, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): rsy, (English): southern, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 18

VOCAB: (MdC): xnt, (English): before; in front of, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xnty, (English): who is in front of; foremost, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Smaw, (English): Upper Egypt, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): pDt, (English): bow; foreigner, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mA-HD, (English): oryx, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nwDw, (English): antelope, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): gHs, (English): gazelle, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): rn, (English): young, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 19

VOCAB: (MdC): Axt, (English): Akhet (inundation season), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): prt, (English): Peret (season of emergence), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Smw, (English): Shemu (season of summer), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hsbt, (English): year (used for regnal dates), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Abd, (English): month, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): sw, (English): day (in dates), (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 20

VOCAB: (MdC): Axt, (English): horizon, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xA, (English): one thousand, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): ra-Hr-(Axty), (English): Re-Horakhty, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Xnm, (English): Khnum, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nbwty, (English): He of Ombos (Seth), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): bHdt, (English): the Behedite, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 21

VOCAB: (MdC): mswt, (English): birth, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nst, (English): seat, throne, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Ast, (English): Isis, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nt, (English): Neith, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hry-ib, (English): who dwells in, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): sAw, (English): Saw (Sais), (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 22

VOCAB: (MdC): sAb, (English): many-coloured of plumage, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): msn, (English): Mesen, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Xkrt, (English): ornament, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): anx.ti, (English): may she live, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): waty, (English): sole, unique, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): r-pa, (English): hereditary prince, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 23

VOCAB: (MdC): rx, (English): acquaintance, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): HAty-a, (English): high official, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xtmw-bity, (English): sealer of the King of L.E., (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): smr waty, (English): unique companion, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mDAt, (English): document, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): rx nswt, (English): king's acquaintance, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 24

VOCAB: (MdC): 10 Smaw, (English): 10 of U.E., (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): iry, (English): guardian, (Hieroglyphs): or
VOCAB: (MdC): apr, (English): crew; equip, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): aH, (English): palace, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mSa, (English): army, expeditionary force, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): kAt, (English): work, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 25

VOCAB: (MdC): Hmwt, (English): craft, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hmwwt, (English): craftsmen, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wab, (English): pure; purify; cleanse, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wab, (English): purifier; wab priest, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wr mAA, (English): great seer, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mAA, (English): see, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 26

VOCAB: (MdC): it nTr, (English): god's father, (Hieroglyphs):,,
VOCAB: (MdC): Hm nTr, (English): god's servant, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): HmkA, (English): ka servant (mortuary priest), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hry-tp, (English): chief, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Xr, (English): under; carrying, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Xry Hbt, (English): lector priest, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): sm, (English): sem priest (funerary priest) (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 27

VOCAB: (MdC): sStA, (English): secret, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hry sStA, (English): one who is over the secrets, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Smaw, (English): musician; singer, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Smayt, (English): chantress, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): dwA, (English): praise; worship, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): dwA nTr, (English): divine order, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 28

VOCAB: (MdC): nht, (English): sycamore, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hwt-Hr, (English): Hathor, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): iry-mDAt, (English): keeper of documents, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): smAa wDa-mdw, (English): arbitrator, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hwt-wrt, (English): law court, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Ams, (English): ames scepter, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 29

VOCAB: (MdC): is, (English): tomb; council chamber, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): npt, (English): Nepet (a town), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Hb, (English): festival, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): smsw is, (English): elder of the council chamber, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): sTt, (English): transport worker(s), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Spntiw, (English): the Shepentiu, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 30

VOCAB: (MdC): mnw, (English): Min, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mHyt, (English): Mehyt, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): smsw qd-Htp, (English): elder of the Qed-hetep, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): HA, (English): behind, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): sA, (English): protect, protection, (Hieroglyphs):,
VOCAB: (MdC): dbHt-Htp, (English): funerary meal, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 31

WEEK 32 - Offering Prayers
VOCAB: (MdC): Htp di nswt, (English): An offering which the king gives… (long form), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Htp di nswt, (English): An offering which the king gives…, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Htp nswt wsir, (English): An offering which the king gives, and Osiris..., (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Htp di nswt inpw, (English): An offering which the king gives, and Anubis..., (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 32

WEEK 33 - Epithets of Osiris
VOCAB: (MdC): xnty imntiw, (English): foremost of the Westerners, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nb Ddw, (English): Lord of Djedu (many spellings possible), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nb AbDw, (English): Lord of Abydos, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nTr aA, (English): great god, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wnn-nfr, (English): Wenennefer, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wsir / Asir, (English): Osiris (alternate spelling), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mswt.f nb, (English): in all his seats, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 33

WEEK 34 - Epithets of Anubis
VOCAB: (MdC): imy wt, (English): who is in the place of embalming, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): tpy Dw.f, (English): who is on his mountain, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): nb tA Dsr, (English): Lord of the sacred land (necropolis), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wp-wAwt, (English): Opener of the Ways (Wepwawet), (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): xnty sH nTr, (English): Foremost of the divine booth, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): m swt.f nb, (English): in all his seats, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 34

WEEK 35 - Four Sons of Horus
VOCAB: (MdC): Hpy, (English): Hapy, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): qbH-snw.f, (English): Qebehsenuef, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): dwA-mwt.f, (English): Duamutef, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): imzTi, (English): Imsety, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 35

WEEK 36 VOCAB: (MdC): pw, (English): this, that, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): Ha, (English): body, flesh, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): prt-xrw, (English): voice offerings, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): im, (English): therein/ on which, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): wrt, (English): very, (Hieroglyphs):
VOCAB: (MdC): mnxt, (English): linen; clothing, (Hieroglyphs):

Resources: Chart 36

Resources: Chart 37

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